Madrigal Steelstring Guitars are made with the best materials and craftsmen following the handicraft building method as learned from the American Masters. All guitars have solid spruce tops for a rich clear sound, mahogany or rosewood back and sides for warmth and depth, rosewood or ebony fretboards, topquality tuning machines and a sophisticated finish.


We have adapted the best constructing methods in our factories. All models have necks, reïnforced with adjustable steel rods. Tops are provided with the best bracingsystems and the construction of the neck to the body is done with a sophisticated 'dovetail' connection as used by all American guitarbuilders.
With our labourous finishing of the fretwork we secure a perfect playability. Therefore we can lower the string to the utmost to make sure you have a guitar that listens to your fingers.

Please try one at your local dealer and you never want to play another guitar anymore.

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